Recently Jennifer was interviewed by Randy Smith of The Wine Write. It was a fun interviewing covering food, wine, and food & wine together!

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In the Top Wines of 2018, The 2017 Jonquille Viognier and 2017 Counoise were featured. Two pretty incredible women picked the wines – Stevie Stacionis from Bay Grape and Tanya Holland from Brown Sugar Kitchen. Read along to find out the other top wines of 2018!

It all started with the wine industry, as the grape farmers are especially sensitive and vulnerable to the multiple impacts of an increasingly unpredictable climate. However, the climate change effects can be diminished if everyone plays their part and nowadays this wine industry initiative is more than just a call to action to all industries. It is a binding commitment by its signatories, from whatever area, to make a greater contribution to mitigating climate change.


The Vintner Project is a collaborative effort to explore the vast and diverse world of wine in an approachable way, focusing on the stories of wineries and the people behind them. Read along their fun Q & A with Jennifer.

Staying healthy during harvest can be hard, but luckily the ladies of A Balanced Glass have put together a list of ways to keep yourself, and your tummy, healthy! Jennifer was asked and some of her tips can be found in the article! 

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When the opportunity to make Raft Wines presented itself, it was the Weed Farms vineyard that really got the wheels in motion. Tucked into a small corner off West Dry Creek Road, approximately 70 miles north of San Francisco, the farm is home to another (more) important species. The vineyard shares a the space with Grape Creek, a tributary of the Dry Creek, which feeds into the Russian River. Several years ago, grape grower Sally Weed, was astonished to see endangered Coho Salmon in the creek, using it as safe space for spawning. Since then, all grape activities are secondary to the salmon, and we’re proud to say the vineyard is “beyond organic” – no spraying of anything – ever. But as you can see (and taste!) the vineyard produces some gorgeous fruit and lovely wine, and we’re thrilled to be a part of the greater story. 

Sally was just interviewed by KALW, a San Francisco public radio station and it’s worth a listen to hear all about her amazing project!

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