2018 Cavaillon
Love Ranch

2018 2018 Cavaillon

CAVAILLON is a bright orange melon, sharing a name with the town in southeast France where it is grown. The melon is known for its endless floral aromatics and rich flavor. The Raft Wine CAVAILLON  is a skin fermented Viognier, a dedication to the melon with it’s beautiful color, texture, and taste.

Pick Aug 15 2018
Bottle Jul 15 2019
Vineyard Love Ranch
Region Madera
Fermentation Small Bin
Cellaring Neutral Oak
Alcohol 11
Cases 24

The Cavaillon is a great entry into the land of skin fermented white wines. On first swirl it presents a beautiful white floral note, followed by baked pear and spice. On the palate there is a pretty note of dried mango, with some juniper spice and a salty finish. It’s one of our favorites year after year, we always wish we made more!

Up above the Central Valley, lies a vineyard in the foothills called Love Ranch. Organically farmed, 1300 feet elevation, and on Ahwahnee Vista soil – decomposed and weathered granite – this vineyard feels like a glimpse of the Rhone in California. Love Ranch is planted to many different varietals, and Raft is thrilled to get Viognier from the vineyard for the 2018 CAVAILLON.

This pick was Raft Wines first pick of the season, on August 15. There is always such excitement for the first pick of the season.

Once in the winery, the grapes were 100% destemmed and fermented in a small bin. It was gently punched down twice a day, before being pressed after 12 days on the skins. After a time in barrel, it was racked off the gross lees (heavy sediment) and returned to finish it’s secondary fermentation in neutral oak barrel.

The wine was bottled August 14, 2019 unfined and unfiltered.

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