2018 Grenache Blanc
El Dorado County

2018 2018 Grenache Blanc

Grenache Blanc, originally hailing from Spain, is known to be a full bodied, rich white wine. Think of it as an oaked Chardonnay’s cool cousin – lots of rich bold character, with a little less of the (pop)corn. Grenache Blanc is known to have a little higher alcohol, and a lot of rich fruit flavors, partnered with a little zesty herbal finish.

Pick Sep 10 2018
Bottle Mar 26 2020
Vineyard El Dorado County
Fermentation Stainless Steel
Cellaring Neutral Oak
Alcohol 14
Cases 73

Don't miss this one - time only wine for Raft! A full bodied white, this wine picked up great texture after 16 months in barrel. On the nose it smells like fresh apple pie - tons of cinnamon, caramel, and baked apple notes. On the palate, there's a salted quality to it - like a salted Marcona almond in texture with a dried apricot. It's a little hazy in the glass, but we just say that's a little bit more to love.

Here at Raft, we’re quickly finding out that we love the El Dorado Foothills. Outside of Camino was this pretty cool organically farmed vineyard, a small plot planted around a large home of some Silicon Valley CEO. With steep slopes, and granite in the soil, we were sold and excited to add a new white wine to the Raft Wine lineup.

The grapes were picked on September 10, 2018 and immediately whole cluster pressed when they got to the winery.  Not working with Grenache Blanc before, we wanted to get it pressed off the skins as quick as possible.

After settling for two days, we racked the wines to ferment in Stainless Steel barrels. The wine stayed in these barrels for a year! In September 2019, we racked and returned the wine to neutral oak to finish it’s aging.

The wine finally went to bottle March 26, 2020. While we didn’t make it again in 2019, we’re super excited to have the wine for this limited time.

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