2020 Cabernet Sauvignon
Narrow Gate
El Dorado

2020 2020 Cabernet Sauvignon

Cabernet is one of the kingpin varietals grown in California, and arguably our states most famous grapes. This Cabernet is from The Narrow Gate Vineyard, located at 2500 feet in Pleasant Valley in the El Dorado AVA. Perhaps the most special thing about this vineyard is the people who farm it and the way that they farm. Frank and Teena Hildebrand planted the property in 2001, converted to organic in 2007, and most importantly, got a Demeter Biodynamic Certification in 2010.  They are involved in every aspect of the farming, from creating their own fertilizers and biodynamic preparations, to creating a diverse land with cover crop and animal husbandry.

Pick Sep 4 2020
Bottle Aug 15 2021
Vineyard Narrow Gate
Region El Dorado
Fermentation bin
Cellaring 1 year oak
Cases 24

This is quintessential Cab, with a fun POP. It's texture is highlighted by the aging in the 1 year old barrel, with just enough toast on it to give it a wonderful mouthfeel. On the nose is all black fruits - cherry and blackberry - with a hint of cedar.

Picked 9/4/2020. 100% destemmed at the winery, 2 light punchdowns a day, 17 day fermentation on skins. Pressed to 1 year old Radoux oak barrel. Racked once, total 11 months in barrel. Five months in bottle before release.

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