2020 Fleur Pour Ma Mere
Trails End Vineyard

2020 2020 Fleur Pour Ma Mere

FLEUR POUR MA MÈRE translates from French as a flower for my mother. People drink rosé wine for joyous occasions, whether at a picnic with friends or as an aperitif to start a delicious meal. This wine is meant to evoke a beautiful feeling of love and friendship. The FLEUR POUR MA MÈRE is a dedication to a mother who loved to garden, and who loved to live life in it’s most beautiful way.

Pick Oct 3 2020
Bottle Mar 23 2021
Vineyard Trails End Vineyard
Region Mendocino
Fermentation neutral oak and stainless steel
Cellaring neutral oak and stainless steel
Alcohol 11.9
Cases 99

Throughout its fermentation, this wine evoked a bright citrus expression. Even prior to pressing on the first day of transformation it had a beautiful nose of grapefruit. Upon first swirl, one smells white lychee notes, and delicate florals. On the palate, the wine is crisp and bright with notes of lush, lipsmacking strawberry with the citrus reemerging, this time as blood orange. As it completed secondary fermentation, it has a full mouthfeel, but has a super racy finish and is a great food wine. This wine brings you to warm happy place, like a beautiful sunset on coast of Mexico - with the colors dancing across the sky as Kacey Musgrave’s Golden Hour plays in the background.

Just northeast of Lake Mendocino is the quaint town of Potter Valley. It’s picturesque in size, just population 650, and a stone’s throw from Mendocino National Forest. Nestled right in the heart of town is the Trails End Vineyard, where the grenache was picked for the 2020 FLEUR POR MA MÈRE.

On October 3, 2020, the grapes were picked by hand early in the morning by and brought to the winery. Once at the winery, the 1.5 tons of grapes were trodden by foot and pressed shortly after. The juice was left to settle overnight before being racked to neutral barrels and stainless steel for fermentation.

The wine completed its primary fermentation and malolactic fermentation simultaneously. The wine was racked in January 2020 to blend and went back to its neutral oak barrels. On March 23, 2021, the wine was bottled unfined and unfiltered to be released for the summer rosé season.

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