2020 Jonquille
Love Ranch

2020 2020 Jonquille

JONQUILLE means daffodil in French. Daffodils are some of the first flowers to bloom in spring, and their reemergence after a long winter brings up feelings of new beginnings; of bright skies, and fresh starts. The JONQUILLE is just that-a youthful, lively interpretation of spring. 

Pick Aug 15 2020
Bottle Mar 23 2021
Vineyard Love Ranch
Region Madera
Fermentation neutral oak and stainless steel
Cellaring neutral oak and stainless steel
Alcohol 12.2
Cases 117

We love producing a California Viognier that brings a new look into this old world varietal. Viognier is known to be floral, and the nose presents a delicate blossom note - of peach and orange trees just beginning to flower in the spring. On the palate, the granitic soil comes through, added balance to the wine - giving it great structure and a lemon lime note with ripe honeydew. Want to be transported? This wine is the feeling of that cooling moment of taking a snooze under a willow tree on a hot summer day in the South.

Up above the Central Valley, lies a vineyard in the foothills called Love Ranch. Organically farmed, 1300 feet elevation, and on Ahwahnee Vista soil – decomposed and weathered granite – this vineyard feels like a glimpse of the Rhone in California. Love Ranch is planted to many different varietals, and Raft is thrilled to get Viognier from the vineyard for the 2020 JONQUILLE.

This pick was Raft Wines first pick of the season, on August 15. There is always such excitement for the first pick of the season.

Once at the winery, the grapes were pressed whole cluster to tank. The juice settled for two days before being barreled in neutral oak and stainless steel barrels. The fermentation occurred in barrel, in a cold storage room. Primary fermentation lasted 50 days, with malolactic fermentation occurring right after. Both were completed naturally.

The wine was aged sur lees for five months to develop texture. It was then racked clean off the lees and aged and additional two months before being bottled unfined and unfiltered on March 23, 2021.

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