2021 Et AL Picpoul Blanc
El Dorado

2022 2021 Et AL Picpoul Blanc

A tribute to those who have generously shared their knowledge and wisdom with us throughout our journey. Winemakers, teachers, professors, parents, friends, family, and many more who have touched our lives.

Pick Aug 24 2022
Bottle Aug 11 2023
Vineyard Saureel
Region El Dorado
Fermentation stainless steel
Cellaring stainless steel
Alcohol 12.4
Cases 200

The wine smells of a fresh Meyer Lemon, plucked from a tree. The acidity is bright like a crisp green apple, but complimented by a rich texture as the wine completed Malolactic Fermentation.

Crisp, clean, and delicious. Picpoul Blanc is the perfect wine for oysters, seafood, or just sitting on the patio.

We’ve been making this wine since 2019 and just adore it! The site sits just below the town of Placerville, up in the Sierra Foothills. Year after year we love pressing it whole cluster. From the press, the wine settles for about 48 hours before being racked for fermentation. After primary, the wine gets racked again and left in stainless steel for normally 4 months. In 2022, we thought it needed a little more time and bottled it after nearly 12 months in stainless steel.

Et Al was born out of a love for food, wine, the sea, and each other. We hope you enjoy!

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