2022 Counoise
Claypool Vineyard

2022 2022 Counoise

COUNOISE IS BACK! Beyond thrilled to welcome the Claypool Vineyard in Lodi into the Raft Wines line up to bring Counoise back into our orbit.

Pronounced COON-WAHZ , Counoise, is a dark, thin skinned red grape, hailing from the Southern Rhone in France. Normally blended away as a balancing act in Châteauneuf-du-Pape wines adding a nice pepper note with bright acidity.

In California, there is very little acreage of the varietal planted. This wines is meant to be a fun summer red, served slightly chilled to go along with your charcuterie plate.

Pick Sep 5 2022
Bottle Feb 26 2023
Vineyard Claypool Vineyard
Region Lodi
Fermentation t-bin
Cellaring Neutral Oak
Alcohol 11.9
Cases 75

Adult fruit punch! Tastes like summer in a glass, with bright punchy red juiciness.

A little last minute phone call led me to these grapes in 2022. A relatively crisp morning in Lodi on September 5 we grabbed the grapes! I got in and out as fast as possible to beat the 100+ degree day on the horizon.

Once at the winery the grapes were 100% destemmed and given twice daily pumpovers. The wine was pressed at just below 0 brix and went to oak barrels to age. As it was such a small amount, the original intention was to add it to a blend, but as it progressed through secondary fermentation in the barrel, the wine really asked to be bottled on its own. And who am I to argue with that?!

Bottled on February 26, 2023 unfined, unfiltered and utterly delcious!

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